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GenerEn's new and novel energy harvester line, the GEN-FS-18 series, utilizes a Lagrangian-Hamiltonian defined methodology for efficient electromagnetic power generation for applications in battery-free wireless ISM Band transmission of data for remote control transceiver systems that remotely control electrical loads such as lighting systems, motor control systems, and robotic arm control.

The amount of electrical power that our generators are capable of is in the range of <1 Watt to several watts, with average power limitations set by FCC regulations for non-licenced radio transmission in the ISM Bands of 868 MHz, 902 MHz, and 2.4 GHz. In addition by scaling, the GEN-FS-18 line of energy harvesters can provide operational electrical energy to power LORAN transceiver systems as well.

The datasheet pages on this website define the voltage and current capabilities for the ISM BAND transceiver system operation.

The heart of the GEN-FS-18 series uses the GEN-FS-18 generator

as shown here.

Currently, all generators are available for licence-to-manufacture

agreements.  Please contact: Dr. Deak (



Screenshot 09-02-2020 18.13.30.png
Screenshot 09-02-2020 18.46.48.png
20200903_215636 (1).jpg

Typical AC output waveform

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